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studio 669 clocks
studio 669 clocks

When it comes to keeping time, 669 DOESN'T monkey around! We've teamed up with one of the most PREMIER clock companies in the United States and are proud to introduce the "669 TICK-TOCK" series.


These clocks have the best backlit LED on the market, measure 14" across and are mighty keen with the clear Lexan outer lense! The advertisement face is cut out by a CNC router and the visual is placed with a UV dried computer controlled printing process that will last for many years.

Guess what?! It's USA MADE!

The "669 TICK-TOCK" is a must for any collector and would look great in your home, office or garage.

Feel free to browse the offerings below on the slide banner.

**Did we mention--they're made in the USA?! 

Available in the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Europe

studio 669 clocks
studio 669 clocks

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