I've known Scott for over 40 years. He did a project for me 3 years ago and hit it out of the park, and then recently he took on a branding campaign for my newest venture. He's a first class talent and most importantly, he's a first class friend. I really enjoyed working in "real time" with him; like I was right along with him in the creative process.
G. Arnold - Windsor, Ct.

Had two renderings done by Scott..love them, they will always have a place of honor on our wall.
A. Connell - Moncton-NB

I took 3 chances on Studio 669 and hopefully a 4th one's in the future. No Regrets!
R. Caissie - Oshawa-ON

Received your work last nite. Awesome work with a flair of fun. Will be a nice conversation starter for sure. Don’t be surprised if a friend  of mine wants his done. Thank You. It was a pleasant experience Scott.
T. Tsantoulis - Goffstown, NH

An admirer of Scott's artistic skills for many years I hoped that someday I would have my '56 Chevy rendering done. Worth the wait and couldn't be happier!
M. Tolman - Westminster, Ma.


What folks have to say!

Nothing feels better than a TRUE testimonial, and you can take that to the bank!

Having a positive reply from folks that have had work done inside of Studio 669 makes it all worth the while! 


Starting off as a client and ending as a friend is always amazing.

I am a fan! I am a happy customer! I took a chance and would whole heartedly recommend Scott and Studio 669 for your illustration needs. 

B. Stieve - Denville, NJ

Scott did up a piece for me almost 10 years ago and I am very happy with his work!

M. Amos - Springfield, Ma.

Scott worked with me for many years when I ran an apparel company, he was always on time and his art was top notch!

D. Buzdas - California 

Scott  is great to deal with and his art is top notch. With his international partners you can get high quality apparel with no duties and taxes or overinflated brokerage fees in many countries like Canada, that can double the price of any item.

D. Nykanen - Ontario - Canada

Understands what you're looking for!

M. Crawford - Chesterfield, S.C.

Awesome imagination, excellent technique.

W. Nietsch - New Milford, Ct.

Just wrapped up our logo project with Scott. Thrilled with the results, done fast and within our budget. Thanks Scott!

S. Hasko - Washington, NJ

An Incredible Journey! Very easy to deal with, quick response, sometimes live. Scott took my ideas and applied them to paper with results exceeding my expectations! Highly recommend Studio 669!

T. Javor - Ontario

Got nervous at first, wasn't sure if it was even in Scott's wheelhouse to pull off my project. He said "YES" it was. I trusted him to give it a go, turns out--it was in his wheelhouse after all. We've now completed 2 projects together with a third on the way.

T. Gold - Denver, Co.

I met Scott out in Vegas at a show, his art was blowing all over the place. I stopped to help him pick it up and I was liking everything I laid my eyes on. Next thing you know, we're chatting on the hood of my Caddy..I hired him on the spot! Over the years we worked on dozens of designs together and I consider him a brother!  My son refers to him as Uncle Scott from Vermont---and that's cool!

F. Briseno - Pamona, Ca.

Met Scott last year at a show in Jersey, I saw his stuff and knew he was my guy! He was professional, he was on time! Most important all my guys love wearing their work shirts now!

R. Hedderick - Newton, NJ

Recommended, this guy is awesome. 10/10

R. Olsen - Sola, Rogaland - Norway