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finished design of a man and a sparkplug for apparel

A design with IMPACT

You only have a few moments to make a statement so be sure you're driving it home with a quality design.

Every project starts out the same, with a conversation. This is the time when you explain what it is that you hope to accomplish; where you articulate what it is that you'd like to see! Maybe you've found a few images online that really grab your attention and you'd like to share them...share AWAY! It's your project that you'd like to have interpreted in Studio 669 fashion!

To the left are several examples of what a 669 graphic design looks like from start to finish, from the initial pencil sketches to the ink work~~to the finished product!

This is how you'd receive progress of your project, every step of the way!

artwork image of a Ram truck
corporate designwork of a Ram truck
pen work of a design in process
a image of artwork progression
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