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Past Projects

Green means GO!

There's nothing better than a client turning into a friend by job's completion! It's a partnership all the way thru every project.


All work starts with a consultation to ensure everyone is on the same page. Maybe the client already has an idea and they'd like to see it finally come to life!?

No matter your end use, from the initial pencil work all the way to the finished product, you'll be "in the know" every step of the way! It's not often that you need a freelance artist for hire and maybe you have no idea what to expect? Well, you can expect that it will be FUN; you can expect that your ideas carry value- it all plays a part in YOUR project!

Here are some past projects, including licensed work for Dodge, POR 15, and many others. 


Everyone is different and no 2 are ever alike which keeps it exciting!

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