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Artwork images of Camaro, Studebaker, Altered Dragster and Chevy Vega
Banner visual showing pencils and pens

Original commission work is just that--ORIGINAL! Not another like it in the world and drawn specifically for you.

All original art is drawn on 61 lb. acid free matte stock and is offered in 3 different sizes with fixed prices. On this page are a few for your viewing pleasure!


I've literally drawn hundreds--and guess what? I'd be delighted to draw yours too. It doesn't matter what it is, it's special to you and that's all that matters. That makes it special to me!

If interested in knowing more, don't hesitate to reach out to me on the landing page with an email of interest.


It's really easy to get this off the ground and running in a forward motion to your very own original piece of artwork!








8.5" x 11" 400.00 (US)

11" x 17"  550.00

13" x 19"  700.00

*All prices plus 25.00 s&h in the United States.


All original art is shipped

1st Class Priority Mail/USPS

Image of signature for Scott Fisk

Scott Fisk - Founder - Artist

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