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669 Digital Art is just that! It's a digital asset that you get instant gratification from! 
Carry it on your device, put it up as a wallpaper on your tablet/desktop-- It's YOURS to enjoy!

BEEP-BOP-BOOP---like the Jetson's--*if you remember that show! And at $10 it's a steal!

Upon ordering, you will receive an email with the asset scaled in 2 formats. YEP----2 formats!
1080x1920/150 dpi jpeg "short-top" tall and skinny
1080x1080/150 dpi jpeg "square"

*Because this is a digital file--there are no refunds (there's no way to "return" a digital asset).
It is also important to understand that each mobile device scales its wallpaper differently.

P.S. MAKE SURE you read our digital agreement in the product description; we run on the honor system here.
Files are $1.80 + 8.20 transfer/processing totaling $10 per (double format) asset.

Thanks in advance!


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