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DIG IT! THROAT PUNCH PERFORMANCE for you garage, cave or kitchen!

All banners are printed in a matte finish (gloss is so 1990) on 13 oz. heavy duty material and grommeted for easy hanging.

Mailed in a tube right to your door and ready for your wall! 


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Hot Rod Illustration #101 is the coolest "how to" book about Hot Rod Illustration on the planet! This beautifully bound hard cover book is set up in landscape format allowing the "full screen" effect immersing you into the world of drawing cars and makes the PERFECT GIFT! 

Read on in the product description!

REAL TESTIMONIALS about #101 (because fakes aren't allowed).

"I pulled my copy off the shelf last night. Went thru it cover to cover and came away inspired!"

"Highly recommended! Awesome job on this book! It took me to another level! Thank YOU!"

"MAN, that shipped fast! I can't wait to bust into this thing!"

"Superb from start to finish; high quality all the way!"

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