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Ever wanted to learn how to draw Hot Rods?....well, here you have it!  “Hot Rod Illustration #101, Drawing AUTOS~WITH~MOTIVE!” is your guide to launch you into the middle of the pool of drawing Hot Rods! It also makes a perfect gift! Simply put, it’s one of the coolest “how to” books about Hot Rod Illustration on the planet! This is the PDF digital version emailed directly to you or the recipient of your choice, there are no pages to tear! **NOTE: This format is set up for desktop NOT smart phone and is priced @ $12.75. It's priced that amount to discount/offset the $7.20 for "shipping and handling" that is charged at check-out, reflecting it's actual cost of $19.95. Thank you for your understanding.

Hot Rod Illustration #101 DIGITAL

  • This full color 91 digital version is just like the hard cover book but there are no pages to tear on accident. This digital version is formatted for LAPTOP and NOT SMART PHONE. All sales final, no returns.

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